Adult Children Still Trying to Please Parents

The relationship that a wife has with her Mom or a husband has with his mom, may very well impact their marriage.  When we do not feel filled up by our parents in childhood, it is often to feel emotionally safe in our marriage. If you find that you have a difficult time believing your husband or wife when they profess their love for you, it may be a residual pain that you suffered as a child. If you find your self distancing from your spouse after you have felt particularly close, you may be stuck in a parent/child cycle.

Describing Grief

When we lose a loved one, we often feel like a part of us has been taken. Physically one can feel, heavy, sad, tired, desperate and a myriad of additional feelings. Everyone grieves at a different pace on their own schedule. Sometimes friends provide solace and sometimes friends are not helpful. If you find that you need a safe place to grieve as long as needed, therapy may be the answer.  Contact me at 818.200.9513

Best Wishes,

Jeannette York

Your Cheating Heart

One of the subjects that come up most often in couples counseling is mistrust. One partner has cheated either emotionally or physically and the other partner just isn’t sure if they can forgive and trust again. Without trust, there is not a healthy relationship.

The first conversation that needs to take place is for each of the partners to be able to describe to the other the impact of what happened on themselves and to describe to the other what they understand about the impact on their partner. There will be questions that the partner who was cheated on will feel compelled to ask. There is no way around the longing to know what the cheating involved. It is a tight rope that is best handled in therapy so that safely the couple can understand without shaming the partner who cheated.

Healing takes time and patience. There will be set backs but don’t be discouraged. You can each grow and heal from what happened.

Jeannette York, LMFT

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