Trump Supporter Partner vs. Liberal Partner

Since Donald Trump was elected president, I have experienced several couples in therapy who have become distant due to their different views on Trump.  Most often it has been the male who is the Trump supporter and the wife or girlfriend who “detest the man”.

This subject can drive a couple apart or it could create a deeper understanding of one another.  If you are a couple and find yourselves on different sides of the political fence, be curious about the other? Take a deep breath and ask questions such as, “what is important to you about voting for Trump?” Do still believe in affordable health care?” “How do you feel about women’s issues”? ” “Do you understand that he is frightening to me?”

A shared moral code is one of the hallmarks of long term relationships.  Even though the two of you are voting for different sides, you may continue to have similar beliefs. It may be that you simply view different paths to get to your shared goals.

Jeannette York, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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