What is Ghosting?

Recently I have had several clients who express confusion when someone they have dated simply” disappears.” They are no longer calling, emailing or in contact in anyway. Sometimes in worst case scenarios the person has blocked them from their Facebook and other social media accounts. The utter confusion is that this is done without a conversation or hint that things are not going well.

I have found that it seems to happen more to women than to men. The first  thought is to check and see if something happened such as an accident or family emergency. When it proves that that is not the case, then the pain and confusion sets in. The best course of action if you are ever ghosted by a past sweetheart is to make one phone call. Not a text and not an email. Call this person and express your concern and wish to have a conversation about what has happened. If the person does not return your call, then do not call again. Assume that you have been in a relationship with a coward who cannot handle looking you in your  eyes and explaining what is happening in their heart and mind. If you continue to try and contact them, most likely they will distance further. If you are able to wait and be patient there is a high likely hood that they will contact you eventually.